Symbiotic Interaction Platform that Beyonds Bounded Rationality

Today, huge and fast-flowing data flows into the information space from people’s mobile devices, information transmission on social media, data from sensors installed in automobiles and other vehicles, and data from sensors installed throughout the city. However, there is a huge gap between the volume of information flowing and the human ability to transform the analytical results obtained from that information into a form that people can understand, and to provide information that will lead to further action.

People gather information, make decisions, and take action day by day, but in order to make full use of the information technology that will continue to develop in the future, we need to overcome the following limitations to our information gathering and information processing capabilities.

Limitation of rationality: People’ s emotions interfere with the process of determining the optimal behavior from the various pieces of information received.

Limitation of outreach: The size of world and various constraints inhibit the process of communicating information to all people.

Limitation of vision: People’s finite cognitive capacity and finite time inhibit the reception of the wide variety of information.

Triggered by three technologies such as producing information to better understand society from information generated by social networking sites and mobile devices, conveying information to people in a way that they can easily receive depending on their personal states, and also attract their attention and push them to take new action, the ABC Project will bring actions that go beyond the above limitations.

Big Data Analysis Technology to Better Understand Society

AI Technology to Estimate Person’s Personal States

Robotic Technology to Attract Human Attention