We proposed “Boomshin”, which uses an encounter-type tactile display to temporally switch between the presence and absence of tactile presentation of objects in space.

We named the objects without tactile presentation as “Boomshin” and evaluated changes in the impression of the game experience by using the temporal appearance patterns of both as independent variables. The results revealed that surprise and satisfaction with the game experience were higher when the two were mixed than when only entities or alter egos appeared. It was also found that a sudden change in the frequency of entity appearances during the experience can present a larger change in impression.

奥谷 哲郎, 田井 普, 中西 泰人, Boomshin: 触覚提示の有無を時間的に変動させるVRゲーム体験の評価, インタラクション2022論文集(2022/3). (in Japanese)