By combining a HMD showing VR images of the roller coaster experience and an electric wheelchair as a simple motion platform with a small moving ramp that is a customized electric wheelchair, we provide continuous sensation of ascent, and continuous sensation of descent. And, the combination of an electric wheelchair as a simple motion platform and the moving ramp can simulate the experience of moving from level ground to ascent or descent to level ground.

We are currently conducting research to present an experience that repeatedly ascents and descents.


伊藤駿汰, 斎藤文人, 中西泰人, 移動型スロープによるHMDと電動車椅子で構成したVRライドの降下感覚の向上, 情報処理学会研究報告2022-HCI-197(4),1-6 (2022-03-07) , 2188-8760. (in Japanese)

伊藤駿汰, 斎藤文人, 中西泰人, 移動型スロープによるHMDと電動車椅子で構成したVRライドの上昇感覚の向上, 情報処理学会研究報告2021-HCI-195(45),1-6 (2021-11-23) , 2188-8760.[学生奨励賞] (in Japanese)

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