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People with smartphones can be said as “Augmented Humans” with augmented intelligence. However, due to the limited rationality[1] described by H. Simon, information is not always accepted as intended by the sender. Even if it is accepted, it does not necessarily lead to behavioral change. Such bounded rationality that keeps individuals at the local minimum is unhealthy for the smart society. To design environmental intelligence as a spatial information system and to make symbiotically relationship for people with its environment and information devices, it is necessary to develop strategies for presenting information based on the principles of human, that can only possess bounded rationality.

Therefore, this research aims to create a technological foundation , design theories and guidelines to realize interactions that beyond human bounded rationality in a smart city and to achieve social wellbeing (Fig. 1). The specific goal is to improve people’s health, safety, convenience, and enjoyment in a smart city, which is also an information space that comprehensively contains dynamic information throughout the city. To beyond the three limitations of bounded rationality[2] such as the limitation of rationality, the limitation of outreach and the limitation of vision) in a smart city, we are going to build an interaction infrastructure that supports the process of deciding the optimal action from information (Research Subject 1: Interaction of Awareness), the process of distributing information to the city (Research Subject 2: Human City Interaction with non-human like robots ), and the process of acquiring correct information from the city (Research Subject 3: Interaction of Expanding Perspective). This research will enable people with expanded intellectual rationality to acquire information on health, safety and disaster prevention, and amplifying enjoyment from the huge information space and behave optimally, which will result in extending healthy life expectancy, reducing traffic accidents, coping with large-scale disasters. Moreover, it can greatly promote the wellbeing of society.

[1] Simon, H. A. (2013). Administrative behavior. Simon and Schuster.
[2] 塩沢由典(1990)『市場の秩序学』筑摩書房、第11章「複雑系における人間行動」


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