With the spread of virtual reality (VR) attractions, vector generation techniques that enhance the sense of realism are gaining attention. Additionally, mixed reality (MR) at- tractions, which overlay VR onto a real-world display, are expected to become more prevalent in the future. However, with MR, it is impossible to move all the coordinates of the visual stimuli to generate proper vection effects. Therefore, we have created an optical illusion method that provides a three-dimensional impression of a two-dimensional visual stimulation. This technique amplifies the sensation of vertical movement by placing the illusion on the floor.

In providing a VR experience of carousel, a motion platform that only moves up and down about 10 cm and a dynamic optical illusion image laid on the floor are presented on the HMD, which allows the user to experience about 3 times the actual up and down movement. We are studying to what extent the sensation of vertical motion varies depending on the type of illusion, body position, and the type of MR image from VR images.

Mondo Saito, Yasuto Nakanishi, Amplified Carousel: Amplifying the perception of Vertical Movement using Optical Illusion, ACM UIST 2022, Poster Presentation (to appear).
斎藤文人, 中西泰人, 垂直方向の加速度の知覚強度を増幅する錯視技法, 情報処理学会研究報告 2020-HCI-190(17) 1-8 (2020/12).[学生奨励賞] (in Japanese)
斎藤文人, 中西泰人, 錯視を用いたMRにおける垂直リニアベクションの生成と身体姿勢による影響, 情報処理学会研究報告 2020-HCI-186(16) 1-6 (2020/01). (in Japanese)