SFC GO: A system to Support Building Connections between Students in Online Physical Education Classes

Due to the spread of COVID-19, all classes in the spring semester of 2020 at Keio University, including physical education (PE), was held online. Even though “Physical Education 1” which all first year student have to take, is generally an opportunity for classmates to communicate with each other through physical exercise. Therefore it was necessary to prevent the loss of such opportunities in online classes.

We developed an online PE class support system, “SFC GO,” which combines the knowledge of information science faculty and that of physical education faculty for one month. SFC GO allows students to record and review their physical exercise using a smartphone’s built-in sensor. This system also post exercise records to a class timeline in accordance with the tasks. It also has social networking functions, such as viewing and commenting on the posts of classmates. In addition, by collecting sensor data in the background, it is possible to record and review daily exercise activities outside of class time, such as housework and daily walking.

The application was installed on the students’ own smartphones and used in online physical education classes from May to July 2020 for students who took Physical Education 1. In this study, we discuss the results from the data of exercise records collected during the implementation period, cases of technical support and the experience of this implementation using smartphones.

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