Furnituroid #1, BarLight

We introduced our furniture robot at ACM/IEEE HRI2022, and the paper title is “Furnituroid: Shape-Changing Mobile Furniture Robot for Multiple and Dynamic Affordances”. We proposed a design approach named as “Furnituroid”, and described the concept and the design space.It is a shape-changing mobile furniture robot and the first instance “Barlight” was unveiled.

SmartCity, Fungi and Budda

In the following note, we archive discussions with people from various fields on the following topics as a project named “Smart City, Fungi and Buddha”.https://note.com/cityfungibuddha・Autonomous car, Robotics and AI・Smart City and Landscape・The future of design focused on post human-centered Design・Multi-species Ethnography with various intelligence different from human・The Art of thinking and living with objects beyond …