SmartCity, Fungi and Budda

In the following note, we archive discussions with people from various fields on the following topics as a project named “Smart City, Fungi and Buddha”.
・Autonomous car, Robotics and AI
・Smart City and Landscape
・The future of design focused on post human-centered Design
・Multi-species Ethnography with various intelligence different from human
・The Art of thinking and living with objects beyond human intelligence

The future is just around the corner when machine intelligence with mobility, such as autonomous cars, robots, and AI, will be all around us. What kind of environment will we be surrounded when they become a part of our lives even if they have simple and limited intelligence.

 Just before personal computer and the Internet spread around the world, lots of people discussed about how will these new tools and environments change humanity and what kind of human intelligence will they elicit?

 How should we design such a new environment surrounded by moving machine intelligence and live together with such an unfamiliar existence? What kind of physicality and intelligence will be drawn out of this environment, and how will new “human beings” be created? In this project, we will discuss with researchers or designers in various fields, and we hope that our discussions would work as a vehicle leading us to an alternative world.

Its english version project has just begun.

「スマートシティ」は人類の知性や徳を上げてくれるのだろうか?:連載「スマートシティとキノコとブッダ」中西泰人 × 本江正茂 × 石川初 キックオフ鼎談




人はスマートシティにもパンジーを植えるのか? テクノロジーに飲み込まれた第三風景にも抗う「亜生態系」:連載「スマートシティとキノコとブッダ」ゲスト:山内朋樹

宗教と神話がつくり出してきた「ヒトと異なる知性」。 ヒューマンセンタードを超えたワイズフォレストを求めて(前編)連載「スマートシティとキノコとブッダ」ゲスト:石倉敏明

宗教と神話がつくり出してきた「ヒトと異なる知性」。 ヒューマンセンタードを超えたワイズフォレストを求めて(後編)連載「スマートシティとキノコとブッダ」ゲスト:石倉敏明



朽ちゆく「近代都市」をリ・デザインする。 人と自然が共創する「食べられる森」 連載「スマートシティとキノコとブッダ」ゲスト:ACTANT FOREST